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Marketing & Design Tips
Sometimes it is the subtle things that can increase your sales results by 5%, 10% or even 50% or more. It could be as subtle as the color you use, where you place the call to action, or the typeface used. For example, if marketing to seniors, avoid the use of blues, greens, and purples or reversed out text (white on black)... as people age, they have harder time seeing these colors. Just because you can easily read the text, does not mean your target market can read it. The over 40 market has trouble reading smaller type. Their focal distance changes as they age. You may design a great marketing piece, but if your over 40 target market has to reach for their reading glasses, they will just as easily reach for the trash can without ever reading your message. Extensive studies have been done following eye movement when reading ads and websites... knowing where the eye starts, stops and skips is key in where to place your important information and call to action. Did you know that ads that show people in them do better than ads that don’t? Our job as your marketing advisor is to stay up on the trends, research and new media so you can maximize every dollar you spend in your quest to attract and keep new clients. Check out the links above for more tips and check back frequently as we continue to update and add more tips to help you be more effective in your marketing & advertising efforts.